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My name is Elaine Micallef and I am a certified travelling Yoga Teacher, a Master Reiki Energy Healer, a Healthy Vegan Lifestyle Coach, a Sound Meditation Healer, and a Therapeutic Thai Yoga Masseur. Read more about my personal story here and subscribe to my newsletter here!


“Living life honouring my soul and yours”

It is my passion and my mission to live a balanced life in harmony with myself and everything around, whilst also to show others how to do the same.

We all have stories that shape us but it is always our decisions now that define our tomorrow. You deserve all the wealth, freedom, health, love, happiness, abundance, and balance that this world has to offer! Now it is your time to reach out and receive. 


Give colour and bring balance to your life as you release, open up, and clear blocks to live a thriving life rich of wellness and energy healing. Learn the arts and techniques of mastering life from an experienced coach. All from the cosy comfort of your own home!


I am here, not to show you my way, but to show you the way that works for you. You already have it inside of you, you just need to unearth it! Allow me to make you see just a bit better. Check my schedule to see where you can find me teaching or coaching.

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More than physical exercise and stretching, yoga is the essence of incorporating our humanly existence with our spiritual one. Read more about its philosophy here

As a certified and experienced Yoga Teacher, I am here to guide you. Yoga is not a ‘one size fits all’ practice. Different people and different bodies require different styles and a different practice approach. A one-to-one session will create a rock-solid foundation for you to re-build your life! Read more about what I’m offering here

A healthy lifestyle is everything we do from our very first thought when we open our eyes every morning to the last action before we close our eyes and drift off to sleep. Far more than just what we eat, it is who we surround ourselves with, it is our career choices, our alone-time and our busy moments. 

My journey in healing has led me to studying Exercise, Nutrition and Ayurveda. Becoming the happiest and healthiest version of myself, I set about offering help to those seeking the same. Work with me one-to-one to rediscover and recreate the best version of yourself. Focusing on diet, cleanses, mindfulness, relaxation, healing, exercise, direction, change or anything in between. I am here to be your guide and assist you whenever you need so you can find balance, inner peace, freedom, and a better, more beautiful life. Contact me if you’re ready to take control of your life.

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Unearth this ancient healing method that powers the entire universe with vital life energy. Working on a physical, emotional and mental level, Reiki is your answer to heal as it sets you in alignment on your true path. You can read more about its philosophy here.

As a licensed and experienced Master Reiki Practitioner & Teacher, I am here to help you get back on your true path, releasing what is holding you back. Start by booking a session to experience this moving energy force yourself. You can eventually dive deeper and learn the art of being a Reiki Practitioner yourself too. 


Experience this powerful massage to open up blockages, to stimulate energy lines and to stretch and tone your entire body. Reap the many benefits of yoga in this deep and complete relaxed state.

Contact me to book your personal appointment in Malta.

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Explore well-being in every area of your life


Clean eating with fresh plant-based ingredients 


Journey with like-minded people

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