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All throughout my childhood I despised sports. Can you relate or understand the feeling of always being picked last on sports teams? I was that kid.

As a youngster I used to attend some yoga classes with my mother as a way of filling up my time but until that point I never got the essence of the practice, it was just a nice sport which I didn’t suck at. I grew up and, focusing on school and work, I stopped all extracurricular physical activities apart from walking. Living only a couple of minutes away from the countryside I always found myself walking around there. Furthermore, my career in tourism included lots of long shifts walking around so it’s safe to say that I never felt like I needed to do any kind of other physical activity.

My journey leading into discovering my passion for health and yoga started when a gynecologist suggested I start doing some kind of physical activity. At that point in my life I was tired and frustrated of going from one doctor to the other, from gynecologist to gynecologist, trying to understand and solve the deep sharp pains running from my lower abdomen to my pelvic floor. There were days when I couldn’t get up and days when I couldn’t lay down due to these pains. I bought tons of prescribed medications that only weakened my immune system and led to further problems. I was told I had cysts. I was told I probably couldn’t have kids. I was told I needed to be on the hormonal pill. I was desperate and that led me to a yoga class. I’m so grateful.

On a random day off from work, my mother asked me if I wanted to attend her yoga class. Thinking I had nothing to lose while heeding the advice from the gynecologist of doing some physical activity, I happily accepted. I hadn’t been to a yoga class in years. Infinite gratitude to my mother here, she was my first real yoga teacher, just as she is in most other things. Little did I know that I had so much to gain from that particular moment. I immediately started feeling better. Maybe it was the total relaxation of the mind or the ability of landing me in the moment or maybe it was the physical aspect of the class, but whatever it was my body started healing itself once I started shifting the way I viewed things.

I couldn’t always attend my mother’s yoga class due to work so I started joining other classes all over the island. I started following videos online, reading up on the topic, exploring different styles and trying everything out just to keep feeling well. I remember walking out from a clinic with my mother by my side, after a gynecologist had done some tests and prescribed more medication while scheduling another appointment for me in a few weeks time. I turned to my mother and told her I had had enough. I explained that I did not want to take medications any longer. I didn’t want to see any more doctors, nor talk about my pains and then I insisted that I was going to heal by myself. So I did.

It was a beautiful journey which I embarked on from that moment. I did my own research. I listened to my own body. I experimented. I changed my diet. I let go of things, people and situations that no longer served me. I met and was guided by so many beautiful souls. I allowed and I became myself. All of this was possible due to the teachings that I received through Yoga and its guides.


I owe this all to a Yogi I met in Thailand. I could sense that his teachings were not just physical and he wasn’t only teaching Yoga but he was actually incorporating the Spiritual aspect of Yoga and living the real Yogic lifestyle. His teachings inspired me and led me to practicing, studying and loving Yoga even further.

Moving on from my career in tourism I followed my heart and left off to Bali where I got my 200-Hour Yoga Alliance certification in Somatic Yoga Movement. It is my passion to teach and guide people through these beautiful Yogic practices. My aim is to help out in improving every aspect of everybody’s life just as others have with my own. I offer practices in group classes or individually which you check out in the Teaching Schedule page.

If you plan on doing a Yoga Teacher Training yourself, I highly recommend the one I attended with Aliya Galim & Cheralee Joy Jones who are both wonderful teachers and they compliment each other so well together. Take a look at their upcoming ones at www.kurakurayogaretreat.com and think about what you are looking for before choosing a Training to ensure it fits best with you.


I might not need to highlight the importance of food as everyone is aware of why and how important Food is to our bodies. However, the importance of healthy Food is often overlooked. Most people have a kind of mentality that drives them to eating all kinds of food as in theory, everyone is going to die just the same. Eating healthy Food will not make anyone immortal but it will give us a better quality of life. That, for me, is a good enough reason to make good, wise and healthy Food choices.

Eating consciously is something that most of us are not taught while we are growing up and it takes us completely out of our comfort zones to adjust to a new lifestyle and make a daily conscious decision to keep nourishing ourselves with good Food. Most individuals are happy and comfortable with the way they eat everything and they do not want to make an effort to change. Transitioning to a healthy way of eating is a process which needs time and dedication but is totally rewarding and is a part of the Yogic lifestyle.

My transition to mindful and conscious eating was a slow process of trail and error and of listening to how my body responded. I started transitioning into this diet as a solution to get rid of the acne I had when I was in constant abdominal pain. I can say that what diet fits me most might not be the best one for another individual as everyone’s body is different but I do believe that eating plant-based is what works best for everyone’s healing, energizing and maintaining. I always had a passion for Food and sharing the recipes which I invent or alter to healthier versions and then cook up is something I am really keen on doing as a way to make everyone see that eating delicious and well is easier than we think.

When we find ourselves in a dark place, we sometimes think that we’ve been buried. If we shift our perspective we can maybe realize that perhaps we haven’t been buried. We’ve been planted!
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