Yoga Basics: Foundation For Beginners

Yoga Basics: Foundation For Beginners

The philosophy that forms the foundation of Yoga is literally endless. Since we both don’t have an endless amount of time to stay here reading this, let’s jump right to the key basics to make you grasp the essentials.

Yoga is about balancing and creating equanimity so as to live in peace, good health, and harmony. By practicing yoga we discover what we call ‘The Eight Limbs’ which, in short, are the guidelines on how to live a meaningful and purposeful life.

The 8 Limbs and their meaning:

  1. Yamas 
    The wise characteristics of our nature in being compassionate, generous, honest and peaceful.
  2. Niyamas 
    The laws of personal observance.
  3. Asanas
    The poses and postures that are done for energy flow and evolution.
  4. Pranayama
    The life force that flows within incorporating the breath.
  5. Pratyahara
    Dis-attachment to external objects.
  6. Dharana
    Concentration and focus.
  7. Dhyana
    The reflection of the divine in its true nature.
  8. Samadhi
    Liberated soul.

We practice and keep evolving through yoga because The 8 Limbs are not something that we can get or understand from just one class. We need time to incorporate these teachings into our lives. As we start understanding, we begin to undo years of cultural programming which will eventually lead us to our liberated and free soul. The practice of yoga is a lifetime process, and essentially it goes even beyond one lifetime.

Group Yoga sessions are about connection and energy. Becoming part of a group is amazing. Finding a guide that you can identify with & following regular classes is the best way in which you can build a steady foundation to nourish your body; your temple. Mixing up different styles is a way of targeting your body fully from various directions. My suggestion to you is to try out a variety of teachers and styles. That way you’ll quickly learn what suits you best and what you’d want to keep and grow into. The point is to make each session something you’ll look forward to attending.

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